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Mandy Ballington's life philosophy is centred on a principle of empowering women to take control of their lifestyle allowing them to Melt the Fat, be Healthy and look AWESOME.

Mandy pursues 'finding the best solutions that suits you', and with this, she empowers women to do the same, “making the decision to lose weight and not turning back…sticking to the end game in a mindful manner”.

Running her lifestyle practice, Mandy makes weight loss simple, effortless and achievable. She works exclusively with females who are ready “to achieve their AWESOME weight” and take back their confidence.

Using the latest scientifically researched principles on weight loss, Mandy equips women with fact-based knowledge in which her e-book gives a taste, “Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is WRONG!”

Demand for Mandy's goal focused and lifestyle protocol has lead to more ladies WANTING permanent, healthy weight loss that doesn't leave them hungry with food cravings and no energy. Mandy believes the weight loss challenge is “truly a hero’s journey” and has worked to foster a community of ladies wanting to seriously lose the fat FOREVER, become high energy DO-ERS and look AWESOME.

After years of personal & practical experience, research and study she has created an awesome program that works, GUARANTEED.

Mandy is a specialist in Weight Loss Management, Certified and Licensed Banting Coach, Accredited Health and Nutrition Coach, Advanced Graduate of Diet and Nutrition, Certified ACT practitioner, Orthomolecular Microscopist and Metabolic Profiler, and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies.

Mandy has worked as a diet and nutrition practitioner for over 13 years focussing primarily on weight loss, hormonal imbalances, gut health, diabetes, and well being through lifestyle.

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Banting Food

Losing weight and being healthy isn’t just about eating correctly; it’s about recognising all the variables that affect the way your body runs and getting them to work together in harmony. With the emphasis based on lifestyle, its about eating and living well, how you spend your time getting the most out of life and being healthy in a sustainable way. 

"In order to keep our brains and hormones in balance, we need to live a life of balance and correct the beliefs and negative associations we have around food. We need to fix our appestat and the emotional side of eating.  These both play off of each other.  If you focus on the one, the other has a better chance of correcting itself.  That’s why at Activ8UrBody we focus on all the variables that affect weight gain and not just food."

On the Activ8UrBody Program you will discover a new way of eating, where you no longer have to count calories, no more yo-yo dieting, no more starving, no more hunger pangs, no more over eating, no more diet pills and shakes that don’t work, you will come to learn that Healthy FAT is not your enemy, you will learn the right way to eat healthy fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrates and be nutritionally balanced.

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Banting Food3

Before I started Banting I was severely overweight, sick and had NO life and NO energy. I had high blood sugar and high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. Read more...

Current weight in May 2015 is hovering around 81kg mark. Another 7 to my ideal weight, of 75kg. And I will get there no doubt about it any-more. Fasting glucose at last check was average of 5.2. Blood pressure 110/70, cholesterol is 5 my GP is happier than a pig in mud!  773-776-0059

Before I started Banting I had as the cliché goes tried every diet in the book. I had yo-yoed through-out my entire adult life. Losing 10kg and then gaining 15. I was very overweight, yet felt quite powerless to control my appetite and urges.  Read more...

*Results may vary

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Need Will Power?

So How do You get Will Power without Torturing Yourself… One of the things I enjoy talking about most often is setting goals and building a circle of accountability. Now that I’m a few months into my training schedule for a 40km ride for the Noosa Triathlon Team event which is on the 4 November,

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Yummy LUNCH Time – Bunless Burgers and Coleslaw

So why this delicious recipe for lunch??   This is but one of my favourites and it will most certainly will leave your mouth salivating. There is something so rewarding about making your own patties. You also have the benefit of choosing your own mince. I like asking the butcher for a mix of pork and

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Sleep, lose weight and feel healthy…

“When a person sleeps less than seven hours a night there is a dose-response relationship between sleep loss and obesity: the shorter the sleep, the greater the obesity.” Extent and Health Consequences of Chronic Sleep Loss and Sleep Disorders Members are often desperate to get into weight loss mode. So desperate in fact that they

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Skip Oats, SpecialK or Muesli and try this DELICIOUS Breaky!

This is by far my Favourite Cereal Replacement for Breakfast, organically made and definitely not processed…Coconut & Cinnamon Chia Porridge with yoghurt. Guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle!!  And kids absolutely LOVE it!! Tip: You do need to be a little organised though. The best thing to do is mix it before you go

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Energy Energy Energy – Smoothie on the Go!

Tip: This one is serious. If you are a health nut there is no better shake than this – it will knock your socks off. Pearls of Wisdom: Green says GO! Avo gives this smoothie a dose of good omega 3 fats and beneficial fibre, and Swiss chard with its 13 different types of antioxidants,

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Is Life Making You Fat?

Life is the key word here. Even though we will always be built around following a real-food Banting diet, losing weight and being healthy isn’t just about eating correctly; it’s about recognising all the variables that affect the way your body runs, and getting them to work together. Why do we eat? No prizes for

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